Understanding your customer IN a post-lockdown world 
What does the future hold for business and retail? Has consumer behaviour changed permanently? How do you reach, inspire and reassure your audience? 
These are the big questions this FREE Virtual Seminar will explore to help you adapt and thrive in a post-lock down world. All businesses welcome.
Thursday, 2 July, 2020
5:00pm - 6:30pm
Simon Hamilton
Chief Executive 
Belfast Chamber of Trade & Commerce
What You'll Learn
Future-proofing Retail
Keynote Speaker: Cate Trotter
How and why to build flexible retail ecosystems that can function well no matter what the future holds.
Cate Trotter is the Founder and Head of Trends at Insider Trends, helping brands such as Chanel, Marks & Spencer, Metro Group, Lego and EE innovate and create world-leading retail ecosystems. Cate’s experience of setting up two successful businesses in her twenties has led to her being named a Future 100 and Startup 100 entrepreneur.
Audience Transformation 
COVID-19 and the lockdown have had a profound effect on consumer behaviour. But what has changed and is it permanent?
Ardmore Planning Director: Ed Henderson
A regular on BBC Radio Ulster, Ed’s status as an expert in his field was recognised in 2019 when he was awarded a place on the Northern Ireland Business First 40Under40 list.  Epitomising Ardmore’s commitment to a fully-integrated approach Ed's passion is to help clients gain a deep understanding of their audience through research-driven customer insights. 
Channel Transformation 
Serving customers online has shifted to a basic expectation for almost every business. We'll explore how businesses have pivoted and what are the best new (and old) channels to reach your customers.
Ardmore e-Commerce Lead: Paul James
In 2019 Paul made the 40under40 list in recognition of his mission to use the power of marketing to improve the lives of everyday people. Now leading Ardmore's agile e-Commerce unit, he is helping businesses of all shapes and sizes launch their first online store.
Ardmore Senior Media Manager: Ally O'Neill
As Ardmore's Senior Media Manager Ally plans some of the biggest advertising budgets in Northern Ireland to maximise reach, engagement and activation for our clients' brands.
Communication Transformation 
The communication challenge remains, how can we best engage and inspire our audience? We must achieve a delicate tone of authenticity and reassurance. How can you achieve this for your business?
Ardmore Creative Director: Paul Bowen
Cultivating creativity is Paul’s day-to-day, seeking out the surprises whilst ensuring every message we communicate is as strong as it can possibly be. As a result, he has produced a varied and extensive portfolio of award-winning work for household names like Lidl, Stena Line and Subway, alongside NI cornerstones including Translink, Dale Farm, Visit Belfast and Progressive Building Society.
Global e-commerce has grown more in the last 3 months than the previous 3 years.  It’s here to stay and it represents an enormous opportunity for your business.

Understanding what your customers want now, and importantly, accurately predicting what they will want in the months and years to come, and creating a world-class customer experience, delivered consistently both in person and online will drive growth in both acquisition and retention...increase flexibility in your pricing models and expand the geography and reach of your business like never before.

E-commerce is no longer a nice to have addition to your business it’s a key expectation of every type of consumer in every sector.
Ardmore is Northern Ireland's largest Integrated Marketing agency. We are proud to have helped our clients impact the lives of their audiences for more than three decades.
FREE virtual seminar
Thursday, 2 July , 2020 | 5:00pm 
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